The Toyota AW11 MR2.

This was Japan'e first mid-engine sportscar.
Mid-engine Rear-wheel drive 2-seater (MR2 as the designers would have it).
Or Mid-ship Run-about 2-seater (the marketing-driven fuel-crisis-oriented official Toyota version of what MR2 means).
Regardless, these things are still a mid-engined mighty-mite more than twenty years on.

Cut-away of the early naturally aspirated (NA) AW11 -

Useful documentation for the AW11:

The official Toyota workshop manual for the MR2 is commonly referred to as the "Big Green Book" (or BGB).

I tried to purchase a copy from Toyota but was advised it's no longer available in print. Thankfully someone had scanned the whole thing and turned it into a PDF, and put it out there on the Internet.

The BGB is an invaluable resource for all AW11 owners and is helping keep these classic marvels of Toyota ingenuity on the road as testimony to that company's genius.

Considering it's no longer available for purchase, it too ought to be kept alive. It's a very thorough and comprehensive reference.

Having found it, I've chopped it up into its chapters so it's in manageable chunks, easier to download:

Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 2 - Maintenance
Chapter 3 - Engine Mechanical
Chapter 4 - Supercharger
Chapter 5 - Emission Control
Chapter 6 - EFI
Chapter 7 - Cooling
Chapter 8 - Lubrication
Chapter 9 - Ignition
Chapter 10 - Starting
Chapter 11 - Charging
Chapter 12 - Clutch
Chapter 13 - Manual Trans
Chapter 14 - Auto Trans
Chapter 15 - Front Suspension
Chapter 16 - Rear Suspension
Chapter 17 - Brakes
Chapter 18 - Steering
Chapter 19 - Body Electrical
Chapter 20 - Body
Chapter 21 - Aircon
Chapter 22 - Service Specs
Chapter 23 - Torque Specs
Chapter 24 - SST & SSM
Chapter 25 - Wiring Diagrams

Or you can download the whole AW11 BGB in a single zip file (98MB).

Notes on the Aw11's 4AGZE supercharger by David Kucharczyk. F/A MB.

The Toyota parts manual:

Download the AW11 parts catalogue here (or at least what I have which is most of it). 3 MB.

The numbers are those you use when ordering parts from Toyota.
Diagrams are helpful when pulling things apart too...

Body parts (not as gruesome as it sounds).
Brake parts
Cooling system parts
Electrical system parts
Engine parts
Suspension / handling
Transmission / transaxle
Auto to manual conversion


The '91 SW20 BGB / Toyota workshop manual:

Download the '91 SW20 BGB here

The password is "harvey" and it's 140MB so might take a few minutes to download.